Human Light System Workshop


Human Light System International Workshop

13-23 May 2016, Prague

Dear friends, we invite you to the Human Light System International Workshop, which will take place between 13th and 23rd May 2016.

Human Light System

Human Light System

Human Light Systems are becoming available!

On 13-23 of May 2016 in Prague the International Workshop Human Light System will be held. The event is organized by Korotkov company.

Series of workshops and seminars will provide a comprehensive, in-depth introduction about innovative Bio-Well technologies. Trainings will bring a practical understanding of the main aspects of using the Bio-Well camera, AK TOM device and Translighters correctly and efficiently. The course also covers Intuitive Information Sight Technologies and Biointernet Expedition.

Among the lecturers, who will conduct these workshops and seminars, there will be famous scientists, who have devoted more than 20 years to various researches in the sphere of the Human Light System, such as Dr. Avdeev, the inventor of the Translighters, or Dr. Korotkov, a world famous scientist, the creator of the Bio-Well camera.

During the seminar on the Intuitive Information Sight Technologies simple exercises will be used for developing the enormous potentials of the participants. Delegates will try various exercises and techniques, aimed at developing intuition, learning to ask intuition questions and receive answers, seeing with closed eyes, etc. Interesting psychological methods will be introduced, which will enable participants to trust their own intuition, to get rid of various blocks put by your rational mind.

Once delegates are able to use Bio-Well technologies, they will have the ability to facilitate healings not only for yourself but for others as well.

More details: http://www.humanlightsystem.org/